What makes us different


At iXendar, we focus exclusively on our clients’ regulatory compliance challenges.


We don’t use the term strategy lightly: defining and executing on a compliance strategy is a not a simple task. No company –regulated or not- can afford to ignore the legal, financial and reputational risks created by noncompliance to regulations. However, keeping the line of sight while being in the line of fire is hard: on one side, the regulatory ecosystem has become global, complex, highly entropic and difficult to navigate, while on the other side, operational constraints and compliancy cost burden are growing. With so many variables to take into account, from the consequences of world events to the growing peril of personal liability, we are convinced that our client’s compliance teams need end-to-end guidance more than ever.


Banking, finance and treasury are all undergoing a major shift from massive closed banking ecosystems and ERP applications exchanging files, to nimble cloud-based modules exchanging real-time information flows through APIs. As a support function of these flows, compliance has become extremely dependent on technology, for operational efficiency reasons, but also because of the growing importance of the corporate and fintech sector.

We have a deep understanding of the legacy and current technology stacks, allowing us to help at all levels from business and operating models to technical architecture. This is required not only to understand how compliance tools and systems work, but also how they integrate into your compliance policies and processes to form a consistent line of defense. No enterprise can nowadays operate its compliance technology in isolation. Interfacing with other systems, both internal and external, is essential to the successful execution of a compliance strategy.


At iXendar, we have a profound expertise in all facets of regulatory compliance in different regions of the world, based on years of field experience. Our experts’ profiles speak for themselves. Feel free to engage with us and start the conversation.


We profoundly respect our clients organizational and business decisions. We want to understand your business, advice you on regulatory compliance impacts and guide on your path to efficient compliance organization, supporting your business operations, not slowing it down.

Pascal Aerens

Pascal is a business technologist active in finance and banking since 1990. With 15 years of experience in regulatory compliance, he is recognized as a global expert in this field and has been a speaker at many industry events worldwide.
Pascal has first been working for SWIFT and Euronext, then designed a very successful compliance suite that was implemented globally at major banks for SIDE international. In 2008, he founded a startup focusing on investigative case management, that was acquired by Fircosoft, a leading Compliance solution provider, in 2012.
After this, Pascal joined the Fircosoft leadership team, and was instrumental in securing deals with Tier1 banks worldwide as well as attract major Fintech clients in Luxembourg.
When Fircosoft was acquired by RELX Group in 2014, he was put in charge of the Product Innovation team and has led new initiatives using Machine Learning and DLT.

Contact Pascal

tel +352 621 250 275

Francis Chlarie

Francis is a hands-on executive consultant, recognized by the industry as a respected keynote speaker on blockchain and distributed ledger topics throughout Europe.
During his 20 years of experience in payments and cash management for banking and corporate customers, he has been defining solutions that go beyond recommendations and demonstrate daily their operational efficiency.
Francis has practical experience in handling large programs for e-banking, core banking, mobile payments and integrated cash management. He also specializes in supply chain finance, cross-border corporate payments and liquidity management for global trading companies.
Francis is managing editor of the Journal for Internet Banking and eCommerce (JIBC) where he assists researchers around the world on delivering cutting edge research papers on mobile banking and digital commerce platforms.
On top of this, Francis educates banking and corporate senior executives with training programs on blockchain, PSD2, cash management, virtual accounts, payments innovation and supply chain finance.

Contact Francis

tel +32 475 61 61 71